Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A special day ~ 11.22.15

Aloha friends and family,

I hope this finds you well.

Stephanie and I have some exciting news to share...  we just got married, 11.22.15 on Kauai!

It has been quite a journey to this point.  As some of you may know we originally planned to get married Spring of 2014 but the timing ended up not being right for us.  We postponed, took on intern year together, survived and grew much closer through our tribulations, and felt the time was right.   We decided to get married on one of the Hawaiian islands as Stephanie's family has a rich history of traveling there each summer of her youth to spend time as a family.  We came here just the two of us to both have an intimate celebration of our vows as well as ample time to relax.  Due to the rigorous schedule of residency the idea of planning a larger gathering was quite daunting.  We do plan to have a celebration in Idaho after residency and appreciate all of the love, support, hugs, and kind words.  They have meant more than you realize.

Each one of you has a special place in our hearts, thank you.

Please see a few of our own phone pics below from our day (more photos to come in the next few weeks).

Much love,
Michael and Stephanie

Moments after "I do"

Just after dinner

What a smile:)  Stephanie rocking her Haku Hawaiian flower crown.

Wearing a ti leaf lei and my trusty luna sandles, yup, the same ones I ran my Timor marathon in!

Relaxing in Idaho this past summer.

A hike in the Sawtooth mountains in Idaho.

And, PS, we adopted a pug fall 2014, a rescue we named Chloe who has been a blessing in our lives.  She even goes mountain biking with us!


  1. I have to say congratulations, and great pictures.
    -Tyler Weitzel

  2. Congratulations! May your world bring joyful blessings & lots of shared fun. Sweet photos.

  3. I have to say congratulations, and great pictures.
    -Tyler Weitzel